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    ASU scientists have key roles in Mars sample collection and return

    NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is the most sophisticated rover NASA has ever sent to the red planet. One of the main tasks of this mission is to collect carefully selected and documented rock and sediment samples for future return to Earth. Once collected, NASA’s Mars Sample Return (MSR) program will be responsible for bringing […]

    Congratulations, Dr. Soumya Ray

    Congratulations to Dr. Soumya Ray, who successfully her doctoral dissertation August 24th! A combined investigation of iron and silicon isotopes in meteorites: Implications for planetary accretion and differentiation Meteorites provide us with an opportunity to reconstruct the history of our Solar System. Differentiated meteorites, also called achondrites, are the result of melting and differentiation processes […]

    National Academy of Sciences honors Meenakshi Wadhwa with J. Lawrence Smith Medal

    The National Academy of Sciences has announced that School of Earth and Space Exploration Director Meenakshi Wadhwa will be honored with the 2021 J. Lawrence Smith Medal for her extraordinary scientific achievements. “Wadhwa has deepened the world’s understanding of the evolutionary history of the solar system through her significant contributions to the sciences of cosmochemistry, solar system chronology, […]

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